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Will you vote to raise fees? - Yes. The financial stability of RTD is in question. The mission of RTD must be redefined to preserve service to the community.


Will you vote to raise the RTD sales tax? - No. The bureaucracy of RTD must be streamlined. This is accomplished by using modern methods of management such a continuous quality improvement and Six Sigma to eliminate waste, rework and defects from all processes, creating cost savings.


How many directors are there? - Fifteen (15) Directors represent the various service areas of RTD. See the RTD map page for the District in which you live.


Why are there so many Directors? - The more members of a governing body the more difficult it is to reach consensus. My opinion is that this large number is purposeful so that the Board of Directors in ineffectual. It has certainly achieved its purpose, in that the Governor has appointed a select committee of 11 citizens to analyze operations and mismanagement of RTD.


What makes you qualified? - I am the only District H candidate with a career in transportation and logistics. I have had the responsibility and accountability to manage a 150 million dollar transportation budget. I have no problem saying NO when a no is needed and YES when a yes is needed. The Board of Directors function is to provide guidance and oversight. The Board needs new leadership in order to achieve the Board's intended purpose.


What are your goals for RTD? - Excellence in public policy.


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